Sorry.... as you can see my spell checker changed "consumption" to "combustion". :-)


Gregory Pierce wrote:

Has anyone ever noticed [ string length <large string> ] can eat up a lot of memory?
I had a very large list of strings and I wanted to know what the string length was on
the whole list so I did a string length on the list. My memory combustion almost doubled.
If I do string length on the same list again it returns very quickly which tells me that it's
saving off the information (caching it). Is there a way to keep it from doing this or having
it free the memory?


Kevin Kenny wrote: said:
Does anyone know how to figure out what's getting configured when the
<Configure> event is generated? 

The <Configure> event doesn't fire on [$widget configure]; it fires
when the geometry manager needs to do something.  If you need to
intercept [$w configure] requests, you need to do so by renaming and
overriding the widget command.
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