Am Mittwoch, 26. September 2012, 23:21:46 schrieb Larry McVoy:

> I'm not on the core team, and I do not speak for them, but your position

> is pretty ridiculous.


> You're using an ancient compiler on a dead platform (*) and asking people

> who have no way of reproducing your problem, to fix it. That's just asking

> too much in my opinion.


> Your options are:


> - submit a patch that fixes it

> - get someone else to compile you a release

> - upgrade your compiler

> - move your simulator (seriously? You are running a simulator on an

> incredibly slow CPU? I could simulate a MIPS faster on modern x86

> hardware)

Oh, I think we are getting away.

I don't need a compiled release. Instead I compile it myself and

provide the binaries for free.

The simulator is end of life. I just use the machine to compile tcl

and extensions.

If I find problems I try to fix it or ask for advice. At least 8.6

is still in beta. And, yes I have to patch 8.5 still today for

the IRIX mkstemp() problem.

Let's stop here.