Hi Alastair,

Thanks for your offer. I have actually managed to build 8.4.11 from source on the SourceForge compile farm Mac (with some minor changes). It would be nice to have binaries for newer Tcl/Tk (and I need only the core Tcl/Tk only).

I tried to compile from source simply because I could not find any relatively recent binaries for Mac OSX 10.2. The SourceForge compile farm Mac is the only Mac I have access to, and so I am limited to compiling on 10.2 at the moment. However, I think the tool set available is somewhat different from a standard 10.2 (with the developer tools from Apple), because I had to modified the Makefiles in my own SourceForge project, which were working on a standard 10.2 (an e-Mac)
when I had access to one previously.

Thanks and cheers,