It seems that while people mainly agree that Carbon is deprecated,
and to simplify new Wish builds to only support Cocoa, many are quite happy
to - or have to - stick with Carbon because Cocoa is not quite ready.
Probably Tcl/Tk development isn't so speedy that getting the latest version is very
important anyway.

For those who don't ship their own framework,  Is there an easy way to see
if the utilized  Wish/Tk is built with Carbon or Cocoa ?
That way, an App known to not work with Cocoa can just bail out
with a meaningful error message, rather than fail a gruesome death.
Currently i'm just resolving symbolic links and doing an "otool -L" on the end binary,
but this is a little hard from inside the App.


From: Linus Nyberg <>
Cc: " List" <>
Sent: Friday, 28 September 2012 3:38 PM
Subject: Re: [MACTCL] Drop Carbon support from Tk-Aqua?

We are still using 8.5 (and not the most recent one either) with Carbon for our application and it's working pretty well for us. The main thing preventing us from switching to 8.6 Cocoa is the lack of printing support, which we have with Carbon through the MacCarbonPrint extension.
We still do (of course) not see Carbon as a future friendly platform and are trying to come up with ways of transitioning… Suggestions from anyone on the whole printing problem would be very appreciated.
This being said, I don't mind you stopping the development on the Carbon version as long as I can still get a hold of the old source code.


On 26 sep 2012, at 00:12, Kevin Walzer <> wrote:

However, I'm not aware of any Tk 8.6-based projects that make a point of 
using Carbon, nor am I aware of any in 8.5

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