#5053 tpool::post -nowait still waits

obsolete: 8.5.11

The -nowait option to tpool::post appears to not work. It is supposed to post a job to the job queue immediately and return, however it seems to wait for a thread to become idle before returning.


  • Tim Tomkinson

    Tim Tomkinson - 2012-06-12

    Test Script

  • Zoran Vasiljevic

    You are right. There is a bug there.
    Currently. if -nowait option to thread::post is specified AND
    there are no workers for the pool configured then we
    spin-off a new worker and wait for it to catch-up.
    BUT if there ARE some workers yet they are all busy then
    we wait for first to become free.
    Instead we should simply spin-off new worker if none
    configured OR just post the job ticket and return w/o
    waiting for any worker to become free.

  • Zoran Vasiljevic

    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • Zoran Vasiljevic

    • status: open-accepted --> closed-accepted
  • Zoran Vasiljevic

    This has been addressed in 2.7


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