#5032 Encoding handling in dde

obsolete: 8.5.11
Jan Nijtmans
Jan Nijtmans

Follow-up on #473946

Another dde encoding experiment. Try the
following in wish (note the accént on the 'e',
which is on purpose)

package require dde
dde servername tést
set tést "this is a tést"

Then open Word, and create a field like follows:

{DDEAUTO TclEval tést tést}

It will give the message:
"The remote data (tést) is not accessible. Do you want to start the applcation TclEval?"

Now try:
{DDEAUTO TclEval tést tést}

This works!


  • Jan Nijtmans
    Jan Nijtmans

    proposed fix in bug-3525762 branch

  • Jan Nijtmans
    Jan Nijtmans

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Jan Nijtmans
    Jan Nijtmans

    The only caveat I could find with this, is that from now
    on dde no longer works on Windows 9x, it requires
    Windows NT (or - possibly - Windows CE, not tested).
    Therefore, unfortunately, this fix cannot be
    backported as-is.

    B.T.W.: This fix only introduces the UNICODE handling
    of the servername, servicename and the topic, not
    any other data.

    See also FRQ 3527238 for the remaining to be
    done to get dde fully UNICODE- aware for
    all data. It is separated in a bug-fix and a
    frq, because FRQ 3527238 has more
    compatibility implications, which therefore
    needs a TIP first.

  • It should be noted that Win 9x hasn't been supported by Microsoft for a few years now, and anyone needing that sort of functionality can stick with an older Tcl branch.