#4463 fcopy swamp (bytes vs chars), and http package

obsolete: 8.5.7

This item, based on the discussion below.
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[09:24] dgp aku, will the remaining CopyData bug be fixed if we change "bytes" to "chars" in the docs?
[09:24] aku I don't think so.
[09:24] aku If both channels have identical encoding -> -size is bytes
[09:24] dgp ok, so there are still bugs lurking
[09:24] aku If in channel is binary -> -size is bytes
[09:25] aku Anything else -> -size is characters
[09:25] dgp if channel is binary "bytes" == "chars"
[09:25] dgp modulo fcopy's weird rules
[09:27] aku Having a tracker item reminding us of this swamp is certainly a good thing.
[09:28] dgp in particular noting that http package may need to take note of [fcopy]'s unusual treatment of binary channels


  • Alexandre Ferrieux

    I'd strongly advocate a bold POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY, by un-documenting those braindead (rather than "funny") rules, and simplifying the code accordingly. I hereby volunteer to fix, for free, any living script that depends on it.

  • Alexandre Ferrieux

    • labels: 105646 --> 24. Channel Commands
  • Jan Nijtmans

    Jan Nijtmans - 2009-11-18
    • assigned_to: nijtmans --> andreas_kupries
  • Don Porter

    Don Porter - 2009-12-09
    • priority: 5 --> 9
  • Alexandre Ferrieux

    • priority: 9 --> 8
  • Alexandre Ferrieux

    Slightly lowering prio; that's not a release blocker.


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