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#4193 "make test" fails on irix

obsolete: 8.5.5

Configured with: ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/sde/TclTk-2008-11-26 --disable-nls --enable-load --enable-shared

Compiled with gcc-4.3.2

When running "make test", there are failures. See attached file. When using the same configuration to build on a Solaris 10 box, all the tests pass.


  • Jay St. Pierre

    Jay St. Pierre - 2008-11-26

    output of "make test"

  • miguel sofer

    miguel sofer - 2008-11-26
    • assigned_to: mdejong --> kennykb
  • miguel sofer

    miguel sofer - 2008-11-26

    Summary of failed tests:

    (a) clock-40.1

    (b) floats:

    Reassigning ...

  • Kevin B KENNY

    Kevin B KENNY - 2009-10-29

    The clock-40.1 problem is peculiar; it appears to be that the gmtime() system call is failing on a valid time.

    The remaining problems all relate to the fact that there are a couple of places in tclStrToD.c that need to set floating point controls. The rounding mode for doubles, in those routines, must be "53 bit, round to nearest", and gradual underflow (denormalized numbers) must be enabled throughout Tcl. Neither appears to be the case, given the set of tests that are failing.

    I haven't the faintest idea how to go about setting the floating point controls correctly on IRIX, nor do I have an SGI machine on which to test. Referring to the one Tcl maintainer who might have such a beast.

  • Kevin B KENNY

    Kevin B KENNY - 2009-10-29
    • assigned_to: kennykb --> jenglish
  • Joe English

    Joe English - 2010-09-08

    I no longer have an SGI machine to test this on, and am at any rate not doing anything about it anyway.

    Set Status: pending, kicking back to kbk.

  • Joe English

    Joe English - 2010-09-08
    • assigned_to: jenglish --> kennykb
    • status: open --> pending
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  • Jay St. Pierre

    Jay St. Pierre - 2010-09-30

    I don't understand the "closed automatically" because I didn't "respond within 14 days". What additional information was I supposed to provide?

  • Alexandre Ferrieux

    Just say "hey I'm still alive, and my SGI machine is still in service". Any activity on the comment stream would have stopped the 14-day timeout started when Joe set the item to Pending.