#4095 headers broken for Mac OS X framework

obsolete: 8.5.3

When compiling other software to use Tcl & Tk as OSX frameworks, -I flags are needed because the public and private headers include each other and they are in separate dirs.

Used in a true framework context, a header in a framework should only need to be included like:

#include <Tk/tk.h>

And the OSX preprocessor will try to look in the named framework for the header. No -I flags are needed.

But if any of the private headers are included, they fail because they include the public headers with quoted notation.


- private headers must use framework include notation internally,

- or install private headers in the framework's Headers dir, along with the public headers.


  • William Kyngesburye

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    I forgot there are separate Tcl and Tk trackers. This bug applies to both Tcl and Tk.

  • Don Porter

    Don Porter - 2008-07-31
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