#3921 32 bit Tcl not able to access 64 bit registry hive

obsolete: 8.4.17

registry command of 32 bit tcl will not access 64-bit hive of the registry. Some applications running using 32 bit tcl need to access 64 bit hive of the registry. So we need capability to specify wowmode to registry command.

Currently only option that is allowed for registry command is -timeout for broadcast sub-command. This option is to be specified after keyname.

So we should add capability to accept -wowmode option with possible values as 32|64, default is similar to current behavior. Also we should allow -timeout option to be accepted before keyname also.

The new syntax of registry command will be:
registry get|set|... ?-wowmode $val? keyname ...
The syntax of registry broadcast will be:
registry broadcast ?-wowmode $val? ?-timeout milliseconds? Keyname ?-timeout milliseconds? Keyname

At Hewlett Packard we modified tclWinReg.c ( provide the above functionality. We want to contribute this to OpenSource. This contribution is free to license under the Tcl license terms. I am attaching modified tclWinReg.c file here.




  • Nelakanti Rao

    Nelakanti Rao - 2008-02-08

    Midified tclWinReg.c

  • Donal K. Fellows

    • labels: 105659 --> 32. registry Package
    • assigned_to: dkf --> kennykb

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