#3374 tcl 8.4.12 unix does not install tclInt.h (required by tk 8.

obsolete: 8.4.12

The unix version of tcl 8.4.12 does not install
tclInt.h when "make install" is runned. This file needs
to be manually installed to /usr/include/tclInt.h. It
is required by tk 8.4.12.

OS: Linux



  • Donal K. Fellows

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  • Don Porter

    Don Porter - 2006-02-27

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    Looks like a duplicate
    of 1410240 to me.

    Perhaps combine both reports
    into an RFE where the occasional
    discussion of "blessed" vs. "unblessed"
    extensions and their needs might
    lead somewhere?

  • Joe English

    Joe English - 2006-03-11

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    It looks like Tk 8.4 (current 8-4-branch) doesn't need
    tclInt.h anymore, at least on Unix, except for one place --
    removing the #include <tclInt.h> line from tkUnixPort.h
    doesn't cause any compilation errors.

    The one place where it's still needed is in
    generic/tkMain.c, where Tk_MainEx calls

    (The mac/ and macosx/ branches still #include <tclInt.h>
    from many places; it's not clear whether they actually need
    to or not, it's likely these are just C&P artifacts).

  • Daniel A. Steffen

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    current core-8-4-branch macosx/ only uses #include <tclInt.h> where really
    necessary; also mac/ is dead and no maintenance is performed on it anymore.

    BTW, both tcl and tk unix makefiles have an 'install-private-headers' target that
    will install private headers...

  • Jeffrey Hobbs

    Jeffrey Hobbs - 2007-02-09
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  • Jeffrey Hobbs

    Jeffrey Hobbs - 2007-02-09

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    Tk is a special case extension that does expect full Tcl source headers. There is an install-private-headers standard target in 8.4 and 8.5 for this purpose as well.

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