#3367 basics.test crashes tclsh

obsolete: 8.4.9

Richard Suchenwirth - I tried to test the 8.4.12 eTcl
build on my phone, which hung indefinitely in
To cross-check, I downloaded basics.test from CVS HEAD
(not considering that it might be rather targeted at
8.5), and tested it on WinXP under ActiveTcl 8.4.9:
---- Result was:
{::test_ns_basic::p ::test_ns_basic::q}
{} ::test_ns_basic::q
---- Result should have been (exact matching):
::test_ns_basic::p {} {}
==== basic-18.3 FAILED
---- Result was:
can't import command "p": already exists
---- Result should have been (exact matching):
42 {::test_ns_basic2::callP ::test_ns_basic2::p} {} 1
{invalid command name "p"}
---- Test generated error; Return code was: 1
---- Return code should have been one of: 0 2
==== basic-24.3 FAILED
---- Test setup failed:
bad option "bgerror": must be alias, aliases, create,
delete, eval, exists, expo
se, hide, hidden, issafe, invokehidden, marktrusted,
recursionlimit, slaves, sha
re, target, or transfer
---- Test cleanup failed:
can't read "handler": no such variable
==== basic-26.1 FAILED

Crash (trying to "read" 0x454e4f52 from an instruction
at 0x1006e19b)


  • Don Porter

    Don Porter - 2006-02-08
    • status: open --> closed-invalid
  • Don Porter

    Don Porter - 2006-02-08

    Logged In: YES

    Test Tcl 8.4 with the 8.4 test suite.


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