#3268 vfs::zip Mount error on some zip files

obsolete: 8.4.11


I'm currently programming some Remote Admin stuff for
the game "Call of Duty" with Tcl.
For some of my features, I need to open files which are
in .pk3 files.
Pk3 files are the same as zip files (we can open it with
winzip, winrar or others in the
same way and the structure is strictly the same)
I have errors with somes of the pk3 files:
- Nearly all the "official" pk3 delivered during the
installation of the game itself
(pakx.pk3 and localized_x.pk3)
- some of the custom pk3
Most of the others don't cause the error...


package require vfs::zip

vfs::zip::Mount "E:/games/Call of
Duty/awe_cod/w_awe_cod_v2.1_client.pk3" thePk3

throw the error:

unable to convert date-time string "2097-12-31 16:00:00"

It seems to be some sort of offset error during the date
search in the module zipvfs.tcl

The file (w_awe_cod_v2.1_client.pk3) of the example
can be found in the zip file available
here: http://www.awemod.com/mods/awe_v2.12.zip
My operating system is Windows 2000 SP 4
My Tcl/Tk distribution is ActiveState ActiveTcl

Best regards.

PS: I hope that you could understand me as English is
not my native language...


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    2097 is far out of sight of Unix/Windows/Mac date range.
    Could this be the outcome of a Y2K bug, where (19)97 was
    intended, and somewhere just 2000 was added to the two-
    Richard Suchenwirth

  • Jeffrey Hobbs

    Jeffrey Hobbs - 2007-02-09

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    That zip file is unfortunately no longer available. Can you please post it again, or attach it to this bug report?

  • Jeffrey Hobbs

    Jeffrey Hobbs - 2008-01-14
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  • Jeffrey Hobbs

    Jeffrey Hobbs - 2008-01-14

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    Using AT 8.5.0 (in tkcon):

    (Tcl) 51 % vfs::zip::Mount C:/temp/dl/awe_v2.12.zip t
    (Tcl) 52 % ls t
    actf.cfg* awe.cfg*
    bloodfx/ dem.cfg*
    docs/ fog.cfg*
    hlcrcon/ lts.cfg*
    rsd.cfg* w_awe_cod_svr_v2.12.pk3*
    w_awe_cod_v2.1_client.pk3* w_awe_uo_svr_v2.12.pk3*
    w_awe_uo_v2.1_client.pk3* z_awe_svr_customlogo.pk3*

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