#1694 Thread does not build with Tcl 8.3

Don Porter

The current HEAD revision of the Thread
package doesn't configure, make, and
make install cleanly on Linux(/Alpha)
against Tcl 8.3. Notably there's a
missing substitution in pkgIndex.tcl,
and a header file rename that hadn't
been reflected in Makefile.in.

Here's a patch, that restores
installability, though not correct
functioning. (see next bug report)

Hmmm.... looking at the patch, I see
a dilemma over what version of
autoconf to use. Apparently the current
HEAD was built with 2.52, but that appears
to have cause configure failure (looking
for a non-exitent config/config.sub file?)
on Linux. After adding the


to configure.in, I just regen'd using
autoconf 2.13, just cause that's what I have
installed. If this choice matters, we ought
to come to an agreement on it.


  • Don Porter

    Don Porter - 2001-11-29
  • David Gravereaux

    • assigned_to: davygrvy --> vasiljevic
  • Zoran Vasiljevic

    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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