#1552 erroneous can't read tclIndex

obsolete: 8.3

tcl 8.3
irix 6.5 sgi

if a file referenced by a tclindex file is older than
then the tclIndex file the error reported is 'can't
read tclIndex file' there is no indication of the path
to the tclIndex file and whats more the error message
is wrong it should be:

the tclIndex file /usr/spartacus/tclIndex is older than
the file /usr/spartacus/blah.tcl that it references
please recreate the index file with tclMkindex or touch
the file to update the date stamp.

or some such....,


  • Don Porter

    Don Porter - 2001-07-18
    • labels: 105677 --> 38. Init - Library - Autoload
    • assigned_to: nobody --> dgp
  • Don Porter

    Don Porter - 2001-07-18

    Logged In: YES

    I can't reproduce this, and nothing in Tcl's autoloader
    checks time stamps of files.

    Perhaps the bug is really in some program written in
    or on top of Tcl?

    I'm closing this. If you can provide a script that
    reproduces the problem, or more details on the context
    in which you observe this error (the full $::errorInfo
    might help), file another report.

  • Don Porter

    Don Porter - 2001-07-18
    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me

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