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#1400 menu invoked source, info script fails

obsolete: 8.3.1

'info script' on Mac Tcl/Tk 8.3.1 - 8.3.2;
(8.3.0 and earlier works):

Most often fails if doing File/Source from the menu,
and then pick a script which contains [info script]. Usually the result is just empty,but is sometimes ":" and the [pwd] gives the install folder. If doing 'source anyPath' then everything works ok. It happens that when forst doing 'source anyPath', and the File/Source from the menu, [info script] returns the correct path; the result is unpredictable in general.


  • Bernhard Spinnler

    I experience the same problem. I think I can add one more detail:

    Wish starts up with a 'Console' window and a 'Wish' window on top. When I source a script with the single line
    puts "fileName = [info script]"
    via the File:Source menu, wish returns an empty string instead of the script's path name. If I first bring the 'Console' window to the front and then source the same script, the return value is correct. For me this behavior is reproducable.

  • Daniel A. Steffen

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    fixed in 8.4 with patch #435658 applied

  • Daniel A. Steffen

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    • status: open --> closed-fixed