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Corrected ml and cl conversion.

Posted by MaxAxe 2009-11-04

1.2.4 New units

Added centiliters, milliliters, cubic centimeters, cubic millimeters.

Posted by MaxAxe 2009-09-18

1.2.1 Windows lazy people!

New version with new units, but also added a windows executable for people too lazy to download Rebol...
If you have windows, you can download directly the window exe

Posted by MaxAxe 2009-06-05


Added kg/cm2 in pressure units!

Posted by MaxAxe 2009-03-20


It seems a very good work now. Small, efficent and compact.
Do you wish some other feature?
Ask me.

Posted by MaxAxe 2009-03-02

New version

Update the file. Now it isn't necessary to use rebgui for the interface. Now it's just 8Kb size.

Posted by MaxAxe 2009-01-05

First impact!

The best unit converter on earth is just landed...
This is an alpha version, but work greatly!!!

Posted by MaxAxe 2008-12-30