Mike (and others interested in trusted I/O),


Unfortunately, I can only give you the marketing/PR –speak about TXT/Trusted Computing/Security roadmaps.  Typically we would announce new features and capabilities at an IDF (Intel Developers Forum).  We won’t do so on mailing lists (though it is fair game to discuss already announced ones).  We did not announce anything new for TXT or Trusted I/O at this past IDF.


That said, we are continuing to progress TXT.  And we do understand the various usage models that would benefit from some form of Trusted I/O.




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On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 7:22 PM, Mike Hearn <mike@plan99.net> wrote:


Given that the general plan for TXT/Trusted Computing in general has
been published for ~6 years now, does Intel plan to publish a more
detailed roadmap for the technology?

In particular I'm interested in whether anybody is working on trusted
IO (graphics/keyboard) today, and if not, what has to be completed
first before it is.

So I guess no roadmap will be forthcoming?