What system are you trying to run this on?  If it is a laptop, I don't believe that there are any notebooks that support TXT currently.
If your serial port and terminal program (you can use hyperterm on Windows or minicom on Linux) are workign correctly, the serial and terminal directives to GRUB should cause you to get the GRUB boot menu on the terminal.
Also, is your sinit.bin just BRLK_SINIT_20070910_release.BIN renamed?

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Hi Joe

I did connect the serial port on my notebook to a monitor and reboot the system, but the monitor doesn't display anything. Is there any way where I can get the serial output? I am not sure if this helps but, in the grub (with 'kernel /tboot.gz' included) when I remove the 'module /sinit.bin' ( this file is for the x86_64 arch). I can boot into the second boot option. Thanks


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Please send the serial output of the failed boot, and if it causes a reset, of the next failed boot after that.