OK, so Linux is starting.
It could be a grub config issue.

Stupid question, have you checked that your kernel is compiled with the TXT option enabled?


On 9 Aug 2014 13:52, "xinyue" <xinyue@nfs.iscas.ac.cn> wrote:
Thanks for your reply,it droped into busybox.

The message is:

     Gave up waiting for root device. Common problems:
       -Boot args (cat /proc/cmdline)
        -Check rootdelay= (did the system wait long enough?)
        -Check root=(did the system wait for the right device?)
       -Missing mudoles (cat /proc/module; ls /dev)
     ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/0e94671f-......  does not exist
     Dropping to a shell! 

I think maybe it's a problem in grub.

在 2014-08-09, Sat, 20:24:37 ,Justin King-Lacroix 写到:
How long are you leaving it before you assume it's failed?
Reason is: the same thing happens to me, but it hasn't crashed, it's just kernel init taking a *very* long time (a good couple of minutes). Then my machine resumes booting and running correctly.

On 9 August 2014 12:49, xinyue <xinyue@nfs.iscas.ac.cn> wrote:
The log is in attached.

Thanks again!

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发 件 人:xinyue
发送时间:2014-08-09 19:42:33
收 件 人:tboot-devel;
主  题:booting prolem with TPM reading failed

Hi all,

       I can't boot tboot with failure , it can't find LCP and TXT.ERRORCODE: 0xc0000001.

       The boot ends with the following information:

TBOOT: no LCP module found
TBOOT: Error: ELF magic number is not matched.
TBOOT: assuming kernel is Linux format
TBOOT: Initrd from 0x1e05b000 to 0x1ffff400
TBOOT: Kernel (protected mode) from 0x1000000 to 0x149d400
TBOOT: Kernel (real mode) from 0x90000 to 0x94400
TBOOT: transfering control to kernel @0x1000000...
TBOOT: VMXOFF done for cpu 1
TBOOT: cpu 1 waking up, SIPI vector=99000
TBOOT: VMXOFF done for cpu 2
TBOOT: cpu 2 waking up, SIPI vector=99000
TBOOT: VMXOFF done for cpu 3
TBOOT: cpu 3 waking up, SIPI vector=99000

My computer is Lenovo T430 with Intel i5-3360 CPU 

The OS is Ubuntu-3.2.0-27-generic

Has there someone come with the same problem and hope for you reply for how the solve this problem.

Thanks and best regards!



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