Also since Charles Bushong was pointing out that he had seen this before, I suppose I should post the laptop model/hardware just incase this is a known issue.

I'm testing with an HP Elitebook 2540p. It has a Core i5 = M560 @ 2.67 GHz (1st gen core i series). CPU-Z reports a chipset of "Intel Havendale/Clarkdale Host Bridge" rev 02, and southbridge of QM57 rev 05.

For what it's worth, Flicker is reported to work on this machine, and it has Version F 23 of the BIOS which is the latest.

Charles York

On Wed, Oct 9, 2013 at 1:28 PM, Charles York <> wrote:

Hello tboot-devel. I'm posting this here because I'm not too confident in getting a reply from the Intel TXT developer forums.

I'm doing some experimenting with TXT in my own driver. When I issue the GETSEC[SENTER] command, the system crashes as I expect (since I don't think I have everything set up right yet), but confusingly there is no error code to tell me what I'm doing wrong and help me move forward.

I read physical memory addresses 0xFED3000 + 8 (TXT.ESTS - Error Status) and address 0xFED30000 + 0x30 (TXT.ERRORCODE) both before and after a soft reset. But both values are still set to 0.

Can you please explain under what conditions these fields would not be updated on SENTER crash?

I'm currently using the i5_i7_DUAL-SINIT_51 SINIT file.

Thank you very much.


Charles York