When I click on any of the SINIT modules, I get Page not found. Hopefully this is temporary; just thought I'd let you know.

Oh, while I'm writing: is there any source of old SINIT modules? I ask because I have a new HP laptop which I can't get tboot to work on. It gets past getsec[senter] successfully, but when it boots Ubuntu the disk doesn't respond. I had a similar problem on my old HP workstation, and I fixed it by downgrading SINIT from version 51 to 17. Actually I don't care about tboot; I'm trying to get Jon McCune's flicker working, but that uses the same technology.

Not very many laptops come with serial ports any more. But it has something called AMT which can theoretically emulate a serial port over ethernet. I need to learn how to do this, so I can post logs.

Hal Finney