We have a mixed environment of Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge machines. We want to use a standard image for installation, and in the past, have just loaded all of the sinit modules in the grub.conf file, allowing tboot to figure out which was the correct sinit to use.


We have run into a problem with the older Sandy Bridge machines. If the 3rd generation sinit module is searched first, then tboot fails, as that module expects the AUX2 index to be defined, and on the older systems that is not the case.


It would appear that the only way for tboot to determine the correct sinit module is to examine for the existence of the AUX2 index, and if it is not present, pass on using the 3rd generation sinit module, continuing to look for a 2nd generation module instead. Is this in fact the case, or is there another way of having tboot correctly determine the proper sinit module.


Thanks in advance,