This error is:

ERRORCODE: 0xc0002051

AC module error : acm_type=0x1, progress=0x05, error=0x8

Which sinit_error.txt shows as:

           01000     OsSinitDataSize incorrect


This shouldn’t happen with unmodified tboot code.  If you’re using your own code, or have modified tboot, please ensure that you have set the OsSinitDataSize field correctly per the MLE Developers Guide.




From: Sansar Choinyambuu []
Sent: Monday, May 02, 2011 8:53 AM
Subject: [tboot-devel] TXT ERRORCODE 0xc0002051 for i5_i7_DUAL-SINIT




Could somebody explain the meaning of TXT ERRORCODE: 0xc0002051 for i5_i7_DUAL-SINIT AC module?


I hoped to find this out in sinit_errors.txt file included in AC module without success.

My PC is rebooting at the processor instruction GETSEC[SENTER].


The following is the print-out from txt-stat of tboot/utils. 

Intel(r) TXT Configuration Registers:

            STS: 0x00000002

                senter_done: FALSE

                sexit_done: TRUE

                mem_unlock: FALSE

                mem_config_lock: FALSE

                private_open: FALSE

                mem_config_ok: FALSE

            ESTS: 0x00

                txt_reset: FALSE

                txt_wake_error: FALSE

            E2STS: 0x0000000000000000

                slp_entry_error: FALSE

                secrets: FALSE

                block_mem: FALSE

                reset: FALSE

            ERRORCODE: 0xc0002051

            DIDVID: 0x0000001fa0008086

                vendor_id: 0x8086

                device_id: 0xa000

                revision_id: 0x1f

            SINIT.BASE: 0xcb700000

            SINIT.SIZE: 131072B (0x20000)

            HEAP.BASE: 0xcb720000

            HEAP.SIZE: 917504B (0xe0000)

            DPR: 0x00000000cb800031

                lock: TRUE

                top: 0xcb800000

                size: 3MB (3145728B)


             TXT measured launch: FALSE

             secrets flag set: FALSE


bios_data (@0x7f87aad4e018, 2c):

             version: 3


             bios_sinit_size: 0x0 (0)

             lcp_pd_base: 0x0

             lcp_pd_size: 0x0 (0)

             num_logical_procs: 4

             flags: 0x00000000

unable to find TBOOT log