I was working with TXT and got a SINIT error.
The LT.ERRORCODE is c00004f1.
According to this, progress value is 0fh and errorcode is 1.
This means that it's VT-d remap engine enabled.
I have iommu=on on the boot menu.
Can you tell me how I should do this? Should I delete iommu=on from the boot menu?

Younghwan Go

2010-08-17 ┐└╚─ 2:38, Cihula, Joseph ż┤ ▒█:

You need to specify í«iommu=oní» on the kernel command line—tboot is DMA protecting memory and the kernel needs to enable VT-d to open the DMA buffers.  You should also be using a kernel built with CONFIG_INTEL_TXT.