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60x speed increase

I was able to get a 60x speed increase over the old program. before it took 6 hours, now it takes 6 minutes!

part of the factor may have been a mcafee update (which now old one takes 2 hours), part of the factor is a switch to using stdio.h instead of my own 64-bit file I/O library.

Posted by Jim Michaels 2011-08-25

2.6 released

  • improved help
  • updated help
  • fixed my included atoi64 library (number input) and enhanced it
  • made help window less wide
Posted by Jim Michaels 2011-06-05

Done Performance Testing on Version 2.1

there are several things left to do:
- Performance Testing
- update documentation
- packaging
- upload
- update web page
- update

this version changes the whole model from splitting 1 inbox into 2 pieces, into splitting 1 inbox into N pieces (as many pieces as you like, must be at least 2).

Performance Testing

Performance Testing was performed using a 2,382,611,584 byte inbox, which is exactly 128
times the original size of the original 18MB file. the file is about 200MB over the size of
the 2.1GB (2GiB) inbox you will probably have. testing was performed on a Pentium 4 HT (1
core, 2 threads) 2.8GHz with 3GiB RAM and 2TB 7200RPM hard drive running XP Pro SP3 32-bit.
doesn't matter about multiple threads, since this is a single-threaded process anyway.... read more

Posted by Jim Michaels 2011-03-10

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