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Version 2.0.3 released!

The newest release of the TBG Engine now includes a dialog editor with the ability to test out the dialog from within the editing environment.
The editing environment has also been removed from the executing assembly (TBGEngine Suite.exe) and placed into it's own class library (TBG.PC.Editors.dll), thus reducing the executable size from 200 KB to 16KB and allowing for me to start looking into automatic updates that can be downloaded from the server onto developers local machine, replacing the TBG libraries that need updating. The actual executable should not need updating once the automatic update engine is in place. All updates will be on the class libraries. If for some reason the executable needs to be updated then users will be notified that they will need to download the new update and install it manually.

Posted by Scionwest 2007-04-15

Version 2.0.2 Released

The 2.0.2 release fixes over 20 different bugs that where incountered in the 2.0 and 2.0.1 release. This release is the most stable release of the engine to date and has some major engine changes to prep the engine for the next set of features that I have planned for it.

The following is a list of some of the updates.
2.0.2 Beta
- Fixed the Book Editor not saving or loading files. The Book.Save() and Book.Load() arguments
changed and I did not reflect the change in the book editor
- Fixed the error message being displayed within the book editor name text field when a book was loaded.
- Fixed the error message being displayed within the Attribute editor name text field when a book was loaded.
- The Race Editor now contains default values for all of the attribute text fields.
- The Class Editor now clears the Class Description when a new Class is created or saved.
- Fixed the Race Editor not displaying any of the created classes
- Race Editor now saves\Loads classes that are assigned to it.
- Renamed the TBGEngine.dll and TBGEngine namespace to TBG.PC.Engine.dll and TBG.PC.Engine namespaces
- Renamed the TBGObjects.dll and TBGObjects namespace to TBG.PC.Objects.dll and TBG.PC.Objects namespace
- TBGObjects and TBGEngine namespaces and libraries where renamed to allow for less confusion between the
mobile and PC version of the libraries.
- TBG.PC.Objects.objectname.Save(projectPath) now inherits the TBG.PC.Objects.Item class.
- Finished converting all of the TBG.PC.Objects classes to inherit from the TBG.PC.Objects.Item class
- All of the classes within the TBG.PC.Objects library now contain the field 'ItemType'. Assign this the directory
that the object gets saved to. Must be assigned before the classes Save() method is called.
- Replaced every occurance of TBG.PC.Objects.Medicine.E_STATMODIFIER within the Medicine editor
with TBG.PC.Objects.Item.E_STATMODIFIER instead due to the medicine class having it's enumerator removed.
- Replaced every occurance of TBG.PC.Objects.Equipment.E_STATMODIFIER within the Equipment editor
with TBG.PC.Objects.Item.E_STATMODIFIER instead due to the Equipment class having it's enumerator removed.
- Fixed the Medicine editor not loading the correct data for restoring the saved medicines Dexterity Modifier stat.
- Replaced every occurance of TBG.PC.Objects.Skill.E_STATMODIFIER within the Skill editor
with TBG.PC.Objects.Item.E_STATMODIFIER instead due to the Skill class having it's enumerator removed.
- Added the defense stat as an editable stat for the Medicine Editor, Equipment Editor, Skill Designer and Weapon Editor
- Incapsulated all of the source code into #regions to help keep things sorted and easier to manage.
- Re-wrote the TBG.PC.Objects.Weapons class as it was still using the old Xml Save & Load methods
and was not compatible with the new Objects Library.
- Re-wrote the Weapons Editor so it is now finished and included with this release after being
left out of the last two releases due to it being incomplete.
- Equipment editor now clears out the existing items list when you change categories, and re-fills it with the items
within the newly selected category.
- Fixed the Common Item editor not loading files after saving them.
- Fixed the Equipment editor not loading files after saving them.
- Fixed Equipment Editor not half of the equipment file into the wrong directory and the second half into the correct directory.
- Fixed the attribute editor not loading files after saving.
- Ensured that all of the inluded editors save and load correctly.
- Disabled the Room Editors->Room Objects menu item in the Project Editor until the editor is finished
- Disabled the Dialog Editor in the Project Editors menu until development is finished.
- Disabled the Realtime testing until the runtimes are implemented.

2.0.1 Beta

- removed the TBGEngine_Suite.frmEquipmentEditor.IsLoaded variable since it was not
being used and was generating a compiler warning.
- fixed the TBG.PC.Objects.Attribute class not having the correct Xml comments for the Load() method.
- Converted the TBG.PC.Objects.Attribute class to inherit the TBG.PC.Objects.Item
- Fixed the Book editor not using the TBGEngine.Filesystem class to save it's files out.
It was using the Xml save code I was experimenting with.

Posted by Scionwest 2007-04-07

TBG Engine Suite 2.0 Beta

The TBG Engine has been moved to 2.0 and has been re-designed in with C# .net, replacing the previous Visual Basic version of the engine.

This release marks a major break through in the engine and now that the engine has been ported, updates to the engine will be more frequent.

Posted by Scionwest 2007-03-31

Next update features

The next update to the engine should be released over the next couple of days and will feature a new Item Generator on the Mobile Edition of the engine that has the same functionality as it's PC Edition counterpart. The Mobile Edition also has a major performance increase in the project editor and the runtime component. The PC Edition and Mobile Edition has had it's Save\Load code re-wrote to make them more compatible so they can load projects correctly now. Existing projects saved in the Mobile Edition will need to run the Patch Project command under the Project Menu.

Posted by Scionwest 2007-01-14

TBG Engine Suite Pre-Alpha Released

The pre-alpha of the TBGEngine Suite has been released as V1.3. The TBGEngine Suite now has support for PocketPC and Windows Mobile devices as well as Windows XP. Documentation is included with the release on how to install on all of the supported platforms.

Posted by Scionwest 2007-01-06