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tBEMS Information

tBEMS CVS is currently obsolete. 1.0 is final for now.
The main release of tBEMs is just tarred and not gzipped. May cause problems trying to extract.
I need developers if this project is going to continue.
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Posted by John Siciliano 2005-09-02

TBEMS 1.0 Released

This is the first stable release. Atleast, hopefully. Post bugs if anything is wrong.

Posted by John Siciliano 2005-08-18

Need money for new computer.

I have a 533 mhz emachines and it's slowly falling apart. I can start workign on the project again once I have a fully-working machine up. People can email me to donate a computer. Or even donate money for a computer.

Posted by John Siciliano 2005-02-12

0.8 is here.

tbems-0.8 is here. This will probably be the last beta release, hopefully. Need developers, beta testers, and all that good stuff. So email.

Posted by John Siciliano 2004-06-05


tBEMS, the better eggdrop management suite is a program that makes eggdrop installation, configuration, running, and administration easy and simple. The newest release 0.7 includes additions to eggdrop-conf, and the creation of a brand new tool, eggdrop-launch. Enjoy this release, and enjoy the beauty of eggdrops!

Posted by John Siciliano 2004-06-04

Show you care.

If you use tBEMS and are happy with it, post in the Open Discusssion forum!

Posted by John Siciliano 2004-06-02

0.5r1 released

0.5r1 is a minor update to 0.5. It installs the new version of eggdrop (1.6.16). You can easily fix this by editing the VERSION variable in eggdrop-base-install. Either way. To apply changes just run again and then eggdrop-base-install again. If you want me to create a patcher program to make updating easier, post in the forums.

Posted by John Siciliano 2004-06-01

About 0.5 and onward

Okay, 0.5 is released. 0.4 was taken off because all the new implementations were buggy. All 5 of you that actually liked the script and downloaded it, should update to 0.5. Basically the project has a good stable release to work with. I am slowly but surely trying to figure out what to do with eggdrop-conf. Have fun, you 5 rebels, you.

Posted by John Siciliano 2004-05-30

New Release and looking for developers.

Okay I did some changes and released a new version. Currently I need developers to help me with eggdrop-lock and eggdrop-conf

Posted by John Siciliano 2004-05-27