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Welcome to the tazchrome wiki!

If you still need to be convinced whether or not to install tazchrome, please read on. If you'd rather like to start, head over to [Installing tazchrome].

Why would I want to waste even more time on my pc?

The thing is, you won't. Although it may take some time installing Slitaz on your machine, in the end you'll have a computer that is faster then you could ever imagine. After a couple of weeks booting your computer up and shutting it down, you'll have compensated the lost time without it costing you a dime. With Tazchrome, You'll be able to get a weather report on your pc within 1 minute.

My old machine will never be able to cope with all that awesomeness.

When Tazchrome was designed, it was designed for recent machines that still didn't boot so fast. But because it's based on Slitaz Gnu/Linux, It's so fast and so lightweight it will even run on pc's of over 10 years old.

Won't viruses slow it down till it boots like my windows?

Tazchrome is completely safe, because viruses can't work with it. Tazchrome is so different from windows that viruses stand no chance. Also, almost zero information is stored on your pc. It's all safely locked down on big servers in the cloud.

Sounds cool, but what are the costs?

There aren't any. This a hobby project based on only free and open-source software. Your free to give as much copies of Tazchrome away as you wan't, or you can use it as a base for your own project.


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