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TaxoGen 5.1 - new update released

TaxoGen is the tool for XBRL 2.1 taxonomies generation.
This is a minor update, including bugfixes, and a more complete Excel spreadsheet generation.

Posted by Massimo Coletti 2005-06-28

TaxoGen 5.1 released

A full windows-based version of TaxoGen, the XBRL taxonomy generator, is now available.

In 5.1 is now fully implemented the Excel-mapping functionality, allowing the user to generate a full cross-reference file (in XBRL reference linkbase format) linking each element of the generated taxonomy to a cell of a spreadsheet.

In a short time, will be released a macro for Excel, with a read/write feature to load an XBRL instance in a spreadsheet (or vice-versa), starting from the mapping linkbase.

Posted by Massimo Coletti 2005-06-04

TaxoGen 5.0 - Work in progress

I would like to inform the community about what's going on our project.

First of all, TaxoGen was cited by Il Mondo a popular economic magazine in Italy, as one of the leading open source projects on XBRL. We are also starting a collaboration with other XBRL OSS projects, ABRA and XBRL-API.

A new developer will soon join the team, it will help us in one interesting development direction.

The upcoming release of TaxoGen (it will be the final 5.0 or 5.1) will generate a new reference linkbase with information allowing to map the concepts in the taxonomy with a spreadsheet. We are also working on a tool to create a spreadsheet enabled as data entry for the instance, and on another allowing import/export of instances on a small database.... read more

Posted by Massimo Coletti 2005-05-20

TaxoGen 5.0: updated CEBS proof of concept released

TaxoGen is a tool for XBRL taxonomy building.

To demonstrate the usage of the tool, a proof of concept was developed, using the CEBS common reporting framework as a reference.

An updated version, aligned to version 5.0 of TaxoGen can be downloaded. It include also a guide to taxonomy building.

Posted by Massimo Coletti 2005-04-28

TaxoGen: release 5.0 available

The "albis" release f TaxoGen is available for two packages:
- taxogen_DE for Access-based data entry
- taxogenj: java-based taxonomy generator

TaxoGen helps the user in the preparation of an XBRL taxonomy from scratch, copying element definitions from existing reports.

Version 5.0 includes additional functionalities:
- generation of the reference linkbase
- spreadsheet mapping data

plus other improvements.... read more

Posted by Massimo Coletti 2005-04-11

TaxoGen: draft schema for Concept - spreadsheet mapping

TaxoGen is a tool for generation of XBRL Taxonomies.
One of the feature under development is the automatic mapping of generated taxonomies with generic spreadsheet content.

In the "Docs" section of the project, a draft specification is available for comments: it describes a custom linkbase format for mapping information representation.

Posted by Massimo Coletti 2005-04-03

TaxoGen:release 5 announced

I am pleased to announce that a new release of TaxoGen, a tool for XBRL Taxonomies generation, is on the way.
This release will allow to manage reference links, and will be capable to generate automatically a mapping from the Taxonomy to a spreadsheet. This will be a very important feature, as it opens the road to easy generation of XBRL instances from Excel, and easy feeding of spreadsheets with XBRL facts.... read more

Posted by Massimo Coletti 2005-03-11

TaxoGen 4.0 released

The "valentine" release of this basic XBRL taxonomy generator is available for download.
The package includes a Microsoft Access data-entry, and all the tcl and XSL scripts for DTS generation.
The software now allows for hierarchical tables, as well as single element filtering.

Posted by Massimo Coletti 2005-03-07

TaxoGen: Release 4.0 will allow more flexibility in chains

TaxoGen is the tool for generating XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) Taxonomies.

The new release, to appear soon, will implement a new mechanism allowing to define a table with a structure, allowing an easier coding for hierarchical chains.

A sample of the new features will be delivered with a new version of the CEBS proof-of-concept.

Posted by Massimo Coletti 2005-02-23

TaxoGen: befana release

News about the second release of the project

Posted by Massimo Coletti 2005-02-01

TaxoGen: New project architecture

The overall architecture have been revised: now the taxonomies are generated from an XML document "Instance Source". The Access database is used only as an input tool; the database data are converted in the XML format.
More details (in italian) are available at:

The new development branch is named "befana".

Posted by Massimo Coletti 2005-01-12

TaxoGen Use Case published

A new document is available on the project website, with a description of the use case below the project.

The document is available only in Italian.

Posted by Massimo Coletti 2004-12-22

TaxoGen: Project news

The first file release "natale" has seen the light. This pre-Alpha release includes a complete and coherent database, and shortly a stylesheet to produce a first, XBRL 2.1 compliant, taxonomy.
The project is developed in italian language, an english version will be provided when appropriate.

Posted by Massimo Coletti 2004-12-22

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