Tavli3d 0.3.3 is now released.
This version brings a lot of changes, mainly in the code,
but also a few important ones in the game itself.

In-game changes are:
Dice rolls display correctly the numbers rolled.
Dice get rolled on normal view now and stay there.
Framerate is now adjusted automatically
(player gets now to adjust the maximum fps).
Any scenes with frame-related duration, have now
a constant duration, regardless of framerate.

Code-related changes are:
The code has been ported to windows with the help of SDL_mixer and pthreads-win32.
All the network-related code has been removed for now.
Multiplayer will be implemented in a later release, but with cleaner,
cross-platform code. Also the server will not be a separate, python script, but it will be built-in the game.

Priorities for next releases are(like always) the A.I. and multiplayer.

Posted by John Varouhakis 2006-05-09

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