release 0.3.2

This release is a mix of bugfixes, minor enhancements and options enrinchement.
Also, now tavli3d uses ALSA for sound.
(though it is still possible in compilation to use OSS, if ALSA libraries or headers are not found)

Most notable bugs that were fixed are:
1)/dev/dsp open check which in failure caused random dumping on terminal(though this is irrelevant, now that ALSA is used)
2)fixed resolution check .If game resolution was greater than that of the root window BadValue error occured.(now game resolution gets truncated in order to avoid the error)

New options are:
1)player can now change the game speed
2)added start option(--no-sep-spec) to disable separate specular(previously, it was only a compilation option)

Minor enhancements are:
1)added boxes around menu entries
2)fixed low-poly models(available in compilation)

Posted by John Varouhakis 2005-12-09

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