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#268 more adaptable task template manager


This is in the nature of both a suggestion and a question. I have 3.1.3 TU installed on two different computers and have somehow ended up with two different task templates. I can't seem to get them to the same template without creating one with values in it, which I don't need. At present it seems like the only use for the template is to duplicate reusable values, which is okay if that's what's needed. Not so much if it's not.

So, my suggestion is for the ability to create blank templates with selected fields, i.e. it would it would be nice to have check boxes or some other way to be able to choose the fields wanted, regardless of any set values in those fields.

In addition to that, my question is whether the templates created are located in a file somewhere outside of the program which be copied from one device to device?


  • blatham

    blatham - 2012-11-27

    Okay, ignore the suggestion above because I just found the answer elsewhere about the different lists. My question still stands, though, because I seem to have created a value on a template that won't go away even when I create a new template. I have a mostly blank default template but cannot change the star from being "on" for some strange reason.

  • Benjamin Leclerc

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  • Benjamin Leclerc

    File -> Import/Export -> Task templates



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