#368 Same tasks marked as inactive (prev. active) everytime after app restart


I have this bug where everytime I restart the application, there's this certain task and all of it's sub-tasks (about 14) that get marked as inactive. Usually I have filters set up so they end up hidden. I've noticed them missing, so I turn off the filters and change them back to active, but as soon as I restart the application they're missing again. This worries me because idk if there are other tasks that are affected I haven't caught yet.

Not sure the steps to reproduce the error. If you like, I can send you the file I'm working from. I also get an error log every now and again, but I searched online and couldn't find any steps to fix the errors myself, so I don't know what to do with that besides make up a new bug report for each one (which you guys have enough of, so I didn't do anything and started ignoring it.) I could send you that also.

Please note that I have my task coach file saved to Dropbox. I feel like this should be tested because I feel a lot of people are going to be using it in this way. There are plenty of other softwares out there that enable cloud syncing by using this Dropbox method, and I must say it is very convenient. I just save and close task coach at work, go home and open it on my home computer and it's all there, no worries. I reinstalled the program as portable software directly to my Dropbox folder so the application settings would carry over from one machine to the other, using this link: http://portableapps.com/apps/office/task_coach_portable
I do believe I had the same error tho when I was just saving the file to Dropbox, so it shouldn't matter whether it's a portable version or not, but it could be something to test.

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  • Jérome Laheurte

    This seems indeed to be related to Dropbox. At least I can't find any other way to explain what I see in the log. I'll try to reproduce this, but I've been saving my tasks to Dropbox for some time myself...

  • Jérome Laheurte

    BTW which version of Task Coach, the latest ?

  • Jérome Laheurte

    Have you enabled automatic import/export to Todo.txt ?

  • Gmo

    Gmo - 2013-10-14

    Version 1.3.32, I noticed that you guys released a new version, 1.3.33? I’ll
    have to try that. I was going to wait for a “portable apps” version as
    described in original support request, however the only reason I was using
    that was to try to install it to Dropbox to make the application settings
    carry over to other machines. It didn’t work (I had to configure both
    applications individually on my work and home machine) so I may as well try
    running it locally from now on.

    Last edit: Gmo 2013-10-15
  • Gmo

    Gmo - 2013-10-14

    Negative, only options I have on are autosave automagically, create backup
    copy before overwriting Task Coach file, and save TaskCoach.ini app settings
    in install directory

    From: "Jérome Laheurte" [mailto:fraca7@users.sf.net]
    Sent: Saturday, October 12, 2013 6:56 AM
    To: [taskcoach:support-requests]
    Subject: [taskcoach:support-requests] #368 Same tasks marked as inactive
    (prev. active) everytime after app restart

    Have you enabled automatic import/export to Todo.txt ?

    Last edit: Gmo 2013-10-15
  • Jérome Laheurte

    Shame :(

    I'm currently not able to reproduce your problem; could you attach your TaskCoach.ini file and your anonymized task file ?

  • Gmo

    Gmo - 2013-10-15

    Sure thing. Not sure what anonymize does, but if it preserves my task
    names, the group I’m having trouble with in particular is under “"Sharepoint
    Inventory Database -> Bug Fixin"”, with the tasks and sub-projects like
    “"Debug Part Details form"” and all the other stuff under there. Normally when
    I restart the app, “"Bug Fixin"” and everything that’ is its child gets auto-set
    to '‘Inactive'’ status again.

    Last edit: Gmo 2013-10-15
  • Gmo

    Gmo - 2013-10-21

    Great, thank you! Unfortunately, I'm having a bit of trouble downloading with the link you provided. I keep getting timed out from the server connection, before the download starts. I'll try again in a few hours, hopefully during a lower regional traffic period.

  • Gmo

    Gmo - 2013-10-22

    So, today I was able to successfully download and install the update!

    Bad news is, it doesn't seem to have fixed the problem :( Any ideas?

    As far as I'm concerned, this is something I can possibly work around. As far as I know, none of my tasks are getting deleted, just "lost" in the filters, which makes me have to go find them again. And it only happens on the app restart, without fail. I just thought this behavior was a bit odd and thought I would bring it up to the developers.

  • Jérome Laheurte

    Yes, thanks for reporting. Please delete your log file so old errors don't get in the way and attach it when it happens again. Not much else I can do for now.

  • Frederico Pantuzza de Meira

    Hello. I have been facing this same problem with a task ever since I moved it from one folder to another (draging with the mouse). Since then, every time I restart the application this task and all its active subtasks (which are a lot) get inactive. Notice that completed tasks do not lose their status, only the active ones.

    I have just updated to version 1.4.3 (January 31, 2016) but the problem was not fixed. I am using Windows 7 and I do NOT sync with Dropbox or any other cloud system.

  • None Socar

    None Socar - 2017-10-17


    I have the same issue. But I know how to fit it manually.

    Here was the line :

    <task creationDateTime="2017-01-31 12:14:23.819318" expandedContexts="('taskviewer',)" id="6ba8dad6-e7a6-11e6-abd9-d850e60c0a46" modificationDateTime="2017-10-05 16:12:35.756937" prerequisites="66c57a10-e7a6-11e6-abd9-d850e60c0a46" status="1" subject="Commercial">

    I added actualstartdate and removed prerequisites and that's fine.


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