#318 Missing .tsk file


Hi, I'm having an issue with a missing .tsk file. When I opened up Task Coach this morning it couldn't find the .tsk file. There is a .tsk.lock file in the folder where the .tsk file was saved.

Any ideas on how I can recover the file? I've only been using Task Coach for a couple of weeks but there is a fair bit of work in the file that I'm hoping to recover.



  • Aaron Wolf

    Aaron Wolf - 2013-01-07

    Is there only the .tsk.lock file and no .tsk file there? And you didn't have any backup? We highly recommend doing some sort of backup. I keep my .tsk file in my DropBox folder, both for syncing and for backup.

    If you have the .tsk file anywhere, then it can be recovered. If you have no .tsk file, I don't know what to do.

    Did you have auto-save on? (we have it on by default now in the latest version). I assume you must have saved the file at some point anyway. What happened when you lost it? Did something crash or you shut down without quitting the program?

    Anyway, if this is just a matter of Task Coach locating the file, you can just use file>open.

    I hope we do get your data back. Please backup in the future though!


  • Aaron Wolf

    Aaron Wolf - 2013-01-07
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  • Luke Bennett

    Luke Bennett - 2013-01-07

    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    Yes there is only the .tsk.lock file and no .tsk file and I didn't have a back up.

    I left the auto-save on as default. The file doesn't appear when I go to file>open.

    The computer crashed with the Task Coach file open. Then when I tried to reopen it the file wasn't there and Task Coach couldn't find it.

    I'm not sure what else to do. I've only been using Task Coach for a couple of weeks and it seemed pretty stable so I didn't get around to backing up.

    I hope there is another solution. Thanks again for your help.

  • Aaron Wolf

    Aaron Wolf - 2013-01-07

    We try to be as stable as we can, but we emphasize that this is a work in progress and please back up your data. Besides something like DropBox, there is a setting for local backup where each save gets backed up before rewriting. But it really shouldn't happen that the .tsk file is deleted just because of the crash! Perhaps there is a chance some hidden file is still present.

    I'll leave this open for the real programmers on the team to see if they have any ideas.

    I'm sorry for your probably lost data! Good thing to learn to back up relatively early-on though. You really shouldn't trust ANY program to be secure if it isn't doing any backups of any sort. I hope that getting back on track won't be too hard if your data is indeed lost. And thanks for your graciousness.

    Maybe we should have the auto-backup setting on by default and then leave it to those who don't want it to turn it off.


  • Aaron Wolf

    Aaron Wolf - 2013-01-07
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  • Jérome Laheurte

    Seeing the symptoms my guess would be that Windows repaired the filesystem and deleted the file to keep it consistent. NTFS is journalized, but it doesn't mean you can't loose data in case of a hard crash...

  • Sasha Chorny

    Sasha Chorny - 2013-07-28

    I have same problem, but without any lock files. No filesystem problems, just normal start of Windows.

    • Jérome Laheurte

      Is there a recent file list in the File menu ?


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