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[ERROR] - Error in preparing sync: Error from server: status = 400

I didnt know what is SynML. I found it very interesting when I installed taskcosh. I wished to sync my task between my two notebook and some vm I use for coding. then I installed funambol in local. it worked great with outlook, sunbird and even I could sync with my ppc. but so pitty. When I tried to syncml with TaskCosh. it didnt worked!
I can connect and sync by using outlook or thunderbird or my ppc with funambol server 7.2.1 installed in my laptop. but when I want sync using Taskcoash I get above error. any idea?


  • Frank Niessink

    Frank Niessink - 2009-04-16

    Hi Andy,

    I think Task Coach doesn't work with newer versions of Funambol. Jerome, can you shed some light on what versions of Funambol are supported?

    Thanks, Frank

  • Andy

    Andy - 2009-04-17

    ---------------------part 2---------------------------------
    Thank you Mr Frank for your time and comment. As you know earlier I installed Fanambol v 7.2.1, but TaskCoash didnt sync by using syncml. becase I use more than one computer. the is important for me to have my task list synced.

    After your replay I installed fanambol v6 in my another notebook. I could sync it with ppc, sunbird,thunderbird, outlook2007. but still there was same problem with taskcoash and syncml.

    I tried to find earlier taskcoath version at sourceforge to test. but I couldnt find any link!.
    If you know please let me know. I do check.

    Anyway I feeduped up with TaskCoash already. Now I use light sunbird in my Vm coding machin. so I know what to do next. and same time it is sync with my other notebooks as well, where I read my emails or I chat with bodies. Now I have sync all my tasks ,notes, cleander, contacts, briefcase files and emails in above machines and with my pocketpc and even with my Sony Ericson k800. No diffreent where I am, In vm machine, at desktop or more farther at another city or country. I can always sync everthing by connecting to my home machin ip.

    Thanks to TaskCoash wish lead me to find all above tools for free.

  • Jérome Laheurte

    I don't know exactly what server versions were supported by the old code (probably very old ones though); but last week-end I finished updating the binding so that it works with the most recent C++ API, so I guess this will work fine with 7.x servers. I still have to test it though (most probably tomorrow), then I'll make a pysyncml release and the next Task Coach release will include it.

  • Andy

    Andy - 2009-04-18

    Thank you for replay and great move forward. I can't wait to test it anyway.
    I thought this is a c++ program. after look into SVN, I noticed project language is python. Revision 1893 shows you guys did a lot of work. I like to compile it myself. would you please let me know, what IDE exactly do you use for writing and compiling the code (on which OS) ? any link is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  • Frank Niessink

    Frank Niessink - 2009-04-18

    Hi Andy,

    Check out http://www.taskcoach.org/devinfo.html. Please join the developers mailinglist to discuss any further questions you may have about developing TC.

    Cheers, Frank

  • stephane fau

    stephane fau - 2009-08-30

    me to work with everything else but impossible to sync taskcoach with my blackberry definitely a need for a tool like this...

  • Frank Niessink

    Frank Niessink - 2009-10-12

    Hi Jérôme,

    How's the work on pysyncml coming along? Can I close this bug report? :-)

    Cheers, Frank


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