#1514 Export of notes in a CSV file


I have a task with a lot of "structured" notes.
Since they can't copy paste them into another application, can't export them explicitely, and since they are not exported to HTML, I tried to use the CSV export to get them.

Opening the created CSV file I saw, that the order of the notes was destroyed, so that one of the last sub-sub-sub-notes was the first in the CSV file.
Additionally the two columns in the CSV file contained sometimes note titles, sometimes note descriptions.

So the CSV file export was not usable, too, to get my notes out of Task Coach.


  • Jérome Laheurte

    I'll need an example of such a setup; could you attach a simple task file that reproduces the problem ?

  • Jérome Laheurte

    • assigned_to: Jérome Laheurte
  • Martin Lemburg

    Martin Lemburg - 2014-05-09

    Sorry, I couldn't reproduce this effect with a new single-task file with structured/nested task notes (up to 3 levels).
    The order of the notes was correct, but ... the CSV file is not usable without re-editing.
    Here the CSV export saved after splitting text into columns ("," as separator) as Excel 2010 file.

  • Martin Lemburg

    Martin Lemburg - 2014-05-09

    After killing taskcoach (see bug [#1513]) I reloaded the tasks file containing the exported notes and was badly surprised.

    The task owned suddenly a lot of more notes:

    1. The original note structure/tree
    2. every branch additionally added to the root note
    3. every leaf node additionally added to the root note

    So internally - at one point - something went wrong and so the export was assumingly not correct.



    Bugs: #1513

  • Martin Lemburg

    Martin Lemburg - 2014-05-09

    To be honest - when I plan tasks and have to communicate the planning, notes, etc. with my colleagues via email or word documents, than task coach is ... really insufficient with its functionality!

    1. Such additional information, like structured notes, is not exported with data formats supporting such "structures", like HTML or ToDo text - badly that xml is not supported.
    2. Sending a task with an email only presets the subject
    3. Sending a note node with an email only presets the subject and the body, but does not allow to send child nodes (notes), too. And even an exported notes tree attached as e.g. xml file is not possible.
    4. The tree of nodes is not really a tree, because sorting is always applied, so writing notes keeping a kind of tree structure is a pain! And ... a beginning "10." in a note subject is directly sorted after the "1.", not the "11.".

    If I have to use other tools like a Kanban board, than I have the need to export data in good and easy way to insert it e.g. via Copy&Paste, but even this is impossible with task coach.

  • Jérome Laheurte

    There are a number of technical problems if we want to send anything but text through mail, but it may be possible on some platforms. You may want to open a feature request on http://taskcoach.uservoice.com/ for this.

    As for 4, I don't understand. It is a tree. But it may be presented as a list if your task viewer is in list mode. There's a choice widget in the toolbar to change this.


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