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I'm not dead!

Hi folks: OK, here's the scoop. I've ignored Tapper for a few years now. But my life is about to drastically change. I'm leaving the software programming rat race and moving to northern california to teach music and build mandolins and guitars. Well, I need some sort of technical challenge jsut to keep my brain working in geek mode, so I'm going to raise Tapper from the dead.

So stay tuned. As soon as we sell our house and get moved to the new house I'll be able to work on this project again.

Posted by Greg Brouelette 2005-09-23

CVS is clean

The good folks at SourceForge have cleaned up my mistakes in the cvs tree. WOOT!

So tilt a pint of Guiness in their honor because the CVS tree is now ready to rumble.

Posted by Greg Brouelette 2002-02-06

CVS screw up

I mis-understood the sourceforge documentation on checking in a CVS repository and now I have a /CVSROOT/tapper/tapper/tapper directory setup which is TOTALLY wrong. My O'Reilly cvs quick guide is at work. When I get it tomorrow I'll figure out how to fix this. So DO NOT check out the CVS repository yet. I'll post another news message when it's ready.

Posted by Greg Brouelette 2001-11-25

Version 0.1 I is available

0.1 I (as in "eye") is up. There have been some changes to the way that I use property change events to trigger color and tuning changes in the grid. This is a pretty good baseline. This is the release I'm going to build the cvs repository with.

Posted by Greg Brouelette 2001-11-25

File Release

The first tapper file release in almost a year is up. It's time to start writing code again.

Have fun with it.

Posted by Greg Brouelette 2001-11-20

Status again

Well, just when you think things will settle down they get busier. However, Look & Feel are nicely supported in the soon-to-be-released new version of the source code. Also, I'm about to modify everything such that all the text on every page and all the actions, menu items, tool bars, etc are all loaded from an XML properties file. This will make cross-language support much easier (by "language" I mean English, French, Finnish etc. Not Java, C++, and so on)... read more

Posted by Greg Brouelette 2001-11-05


Well, you may have noticed that nothing has been done on Tapper for over a year. Not coincidentally, it was about a year ago that I left Union Bank to go make my fortune as a senior programmer in the dot-com world. I've been thoroughly beaten up, lied to, kicked, and tossed away by those dot-coms and I'm now back at the Bank.

So, now that I have both a life and a steady paycheck again, I want to start the project again. I've already fixed some look & feel bugs and I need to put up a new file release.... read more

Posted by Greg Brouelette 2001-10-04

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