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AnySubmit Allows any element to submit its enclosing form using JavaScript onClick(). For instance, if you need clickable table rows then use <tr jwcid="@AnySubmit" listener="..."> etc.
ButtonSubmit Component The ButtomSubmit component acts like a Submit component except that it is implemented as a button. The reason you might want to do this is to avoid the button being clicked when pressing enter on form fields. By default browsers will automatically click the first button when the user presses the enter key on a form field. Sometimes this is not desirable and so this component was born. Altered by Nick Westgate to avoid a problem with resubmitted forms. ** Note: really updated this time! **
CayenneDataObjectSqueezeAdaptor Provides an implementation of ISqueezeAdapter for use with cayenne data objects.
ColorPicker The ColorPicker component provides a JavaScript powered pop-up window to select a color from a 216-color palette. The component should be used inside a Form component. The component is rendered as a read only input text field with an icon. Clicking the icon would launch a pop-up window for color selection. The selected color is displayed as the background color of the input text field. The value of the text field is set to the hexadecimal code of the selected color.
Data List One of the most common data output patterns in web development is the list pattern. When you need a list of users, products, or any other type of data, usually it goes in a table. Data List extends Foreach and adds Sorting and Pagination Features. The three main components are SortedFor, SortLink, and Paginate. For questions, go to http://theloom.ws - a tapestry forum
DropDown Same as the PropertySelection component except that the value is submitted even when disabled.
DynamicSelectionList DynamicSelectionList component is a drop down selection list whose displayed contents depend on the selected item of a given parent list, represented by a PropertySelection component. Only single selection is supported. A default item for each child list could also be specified.
EncodedMailLink Component that encodes email addresses into javascript so as to attempt to avoid detection by spambots.
Feedback Displays IValidationDelegate errors. Optionally showing first error or all errors. Takes the parameters: deletegate - optional - the validation delegate message - optional - any message you'd like to output showall - required (defaulted) - whether to show all validation errors.
HtmlArea Componentized version of "htmlarea", from http://www.dynarch.com/projects/htmlarea Serves as a drop in replacement for textarea, providing WYSIWYG html editing capabilities. Compatible with IE 5.5+ and gecko based browsers (>= the gecko rendering engine in mozilla 1.4). Gracefully degrades into a normal textfield for all other browsers.