TC Wan nikanas

  ______ ___    ____  ______
 /_  __//   |  / __ \/ ____/ [T]estbed for
  / /  / /| | / /_/ / __/    [A]d-Hoc
 / /  / ___ |/ ____/ /___    [P]rotocol
/_/  /_/  |_/_/   /_____/    [E]valuation

Testbed for Ad-Hoc Protocol Evaluation (TAPE)

Testbed for Ad Hoc Protocol Evaluation (TAPE) is a network emulator that capable of running several ad-hoc protocols for testing and evaluation. This project provides support for various ad hoc and mesh routing protocols, running on recent Linux 2.6.x kernels. It is an enhancement of the original APE-Testbed project.

The TAPE project raise from the need of network emulator that capable to run in and emulating mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) environment and can support latest everyday hardware such as laptop or computer that have wireless or wire capabilities. The project, like its predecessor APE-Testbed, it is a work in progress. Therefore some things may work better than others and the documentation may be lacking in some areas.

Mailing lists

For support questions you can join the tape support list at SourceForge.


Getting started

To get started on performing testruns and doing analysis please consult the QUICK_START guide. Also carefully read the REQUIREMENTS document to make sure you have all the hardware and software necessary to make full use of TAPE. If you want to start modifying the TAPE distribution and add customizations, read the documentation in the doc folder. If you want to know about documented problems or bugs with the TAPE, consult the KNOWN_ISSUES file.

Source code

TAPE is derive from APE Testbed and released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and developed at Universiti Sains Malaysia. For the APE testbed, it is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and has been developed at Uppsala University, with funding from Ericsson AB.