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Paradigm shift

We decided to change the implementation platform from Java to Python/Zope 3. For now there is no new release but if you're curious take a look at our cvs ( where you can find the actual source. We got a new developer and hope now that the development process will speed up.

Posted by Markus Schatten 2006-12-13


The whole documentation about this project is available on
but for now only in Croatian (translators needed!). Actually we are working on the UML model of the system (using HIDS Case). As soon as the model is in a "good looking" state we will release it here for consideration. The model is in english so no translation is needed.

Posted by Markus Schatten 2005-12-03

Requirements definition

Here is the definition of requirements the Forum Information System has to provide:

Requirements Definition of the Forum Information System


v.0.01 February 24th 2005. (Croatian only)
v.0.02 September 10th 2005.

Last change: September 10th 2005.

1. Equality - The new technology of editing content gives equal rights to all users in accessing and publishing public information.
2. Openess - The forum is open for participation of all citizens, all public institutions and non-profit organizations.
3. Publicity and transparency of exchange and flow of information - There are no secret forums, closed threads, private communication on the system. Everyone has the right to gather information.
* Participants have to be authorized and authentified to use the system.
4. Equal rights in the exchangement of information - Everyone has the right to publish his statements, opinion and belifes. Reputation is the selfregulative mechanism wich will extract the more capable ones.
5. The system is openstanding - The system should be open for changes in functionality, add-ons, new rules, and procedures.
6. Selective information - Every user has the ability to filter out only the information he wants.
7. Estetic neutrality/selectivity - The interface should be esteticaly neutral. Users should be able to change and customize it according to their needs. Also it should, as much as possible, be user-friendly and ergonomic.
8. A system of rules and procedures wich will:
* Make all stated above possible.
* Ensure effective and efficient decision making.
* Ensure effective and efficient disscusion.
* Ensure effective and efficient publishing of information (tables, graph charts, images, equtations etc.)
* Ensure analysis and review of made decisions/statements/ideas/solutions etc.
* Make manipulation unpossible.
* Remark: Rules and procedures are the result of an agreement between participants. At first they are only a mechanism wich enables the congregation of participants.

Posted by Markus Schatten 2005-11-03

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