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TAO/ACE over RTAI v0.2 released

In an effort to port the Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE) framework to the Real Time Application Interface (RTAI), this release provides realtime ACE thread management.
A TAO CORBA component application can run realtime in a collocated setup.

This release marks the end of porting the basic infrastructure. Further releases will focus on networking support using the SF hosted RTnet implementation. To accomplish this goal, several tasks have been defined to coordinate the effort.... read more

Posted by Peter P.V. Soetens 2004-03-04

First release of the ACE/RTAI port

The ACE/RTAI port team announces its
first release. Basic OS primitives have
been ported and hard realtime threads
can be created. A TAO timing test is released
as well which can be used to time
communication between two collocated

Posted by Peter P.V. Soetens 2003-12-12