#70 Setting the combobox of a boolean attribute to "empty"

ATK (14)

At the start of Atkpanel, it would be nice to set the combobox of the write part of a boolean attribute to "empty" (as for the command combobox), this to avoid confusion between read value, and write value (which was not yet set).

Requested by F. Langlois


  • Emmanuel Taurel

    Emmanuel Taurel - 2013-07-09
    • Category: --> Atkpanel

    BUTEAU - 2014-03-26

    After investigation the request is linked to the way Tango server manages the WRITE part of an attribute.

    • If the WRITE part has never been set by the end user or by the DeviceServer itself , when a client reads the attribute it gets nevertheless a value for the WRITE part.

    • For a boolean attribute this default value is true , so the ATK component displays it which may be confusing as it looks like the boolean has been set by the user

    • For another scalar value, the default value is 0 which is less confusing

    I think that we can close this issues or transfer it to the Tango kernel developer

    I let ESRF experts discuss between them to decide what to do