#61 Execution of a command when type a letter

ATK (14)
ATK toolkit

One of our user execute a (Dangerous) command involontary in typing the First letter of a Command (C).

For exemple :

Open ATKPANEL on tangotest.
Type "S" on your key Board. The command "State" is execute automatically. If you type "D", the command DevDouble is secute automatically.

It is real dangerous, probably, the listener on the KeyBoard event in the CommandComboViewer must be removed.


  • Emmanuel Taurel

    Emmanuel Taurel - 2013-07-09
    • Category: --> Atkpanel
  • Faranguiss Poncet

    • Category: Atkpanel --> ATK toolkit
  • Faranguiss Poncet

    The modification is to be made in CommandComboViewer inside ATK toolkit


    BUTEAU - 2014-11-05

    Hello Faranguiss
    Could you tell me if you have any solution planned for this problem which has been once again encountered by one of our users ?

    I can test of course new version of ATKPAnel

  • Faranguiss Poncet

    • status: open --> accepted
  • Faranguiss Poncet

    • status: accepted --> closed
  • Faranguiss Poncet

    This feature has been added into ATK from the release 4.5.23 and higher to download from http://www.tango-controls.org/download/atk.

    The CommandComboViewer now by default does not accept anymore the keyboard typing.
    To use this viewer with the possibility to select a command by typing the first letter of the command the corresponding bean property should be set to true :


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