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TAMS Analyzer 3.53b4 released

This new release improves searching for data (full boolean operators are now available for all types of searches), adds the ability to find all memos related to a given document, improves the interface and squashes critical bugs.

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2009-03-14

TAMS Analyzer 3.51b9 Released

This is an important new release for the OS X qualitative research tool, TAMS Analyzer. New features include the ability to hyperlink documents, tag sections of documents, as well as many bug fixes.

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2009-02-23

TAMS Analyzer 3.45 Released

TAMS Analyzer, a GPL Qualitative Research tool for Macintosh OS X has released version 3.45 with a new context scrub bar in its results windows.Now researchers can adjust on the fly the amount of context they want to see surrounding their data!

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2009-02-04

TAMS Analyzer 3.43b3 Released!

TAMS Analyzer, the qualitative research program for OS X has been updated with sophisticated date format support and grouping by date as well as updated documentation!

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2008-05-08

TAMS Analyzer for OS X 3.34 build 6 released

This is a bug fix release for the first 3.34 release.

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2007-03-05

TAMS Analyzer 3.34 Released

TAMS Analyzer, a qualitative reseach/analysis program for OS X has released version 3.34. This release adds support for unicode and utf-8 text files as well as fixes the interface files for Jaguar compatibility.

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2006-09-25

TAMS Analyzer for OS X 3.32b4 released

This release patches up some significant bugs, offers better interface for laptop users, and improvements on key reports.

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2006-02-28

TAMS Analyzer for OS X 3.31b5 released

This release includes universal binaries (ppc/i386) and it includes a special "single user" build.

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2006-01-29

TAMS Analyzer for OS X 3.23 (build 2) released

I'm releasing a second build of TAMS Analyzer, a qualitative coding and analysis package for OS X. This version adds improved counting facilities to the data comparison table as well as some formatting clean up to that same report.

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2005-07-04

TAMS Analyzer for OS X 3.21 released

Improvements to data comparison table, on the fly column creation. General bug fixes.

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2005-05-26

TAMS Analyzer for OS X 3.20 released

I'm delighted to announce the release of TAMS Analyzer for OS X release 3.2 which includes important new reports, better support for "on the fly" creation of new categories for your data, bug squashing, and interface improvements.

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2005-05-23

TAMS Analyzer for OS X 3.00 released

First release of TA3, a qualitative/ethnographic/discourse analysis tool for OS X platform. This version adds many analysis tools and most importantly the ability to synchronize files to a MySQL server so that researchers can share codes and documents.

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2005-05-07

TAMS Analyzer for OS X 2.99 released

This is a preview release of the interface and file/project structure for TAMS 3. New gui layout, better code control, some bug fixes, and conversion guides included.

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2005-04-04

TAMS Analyzer for GNUstep .41 released

This release includes interface clean up and a few bug fixes; also included are hints on how to get the GNUstep color picker working so you can color codes individually.

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2004-07-18

TAMS Analyzer for GNUstep .4 released

The GNUstep version of TAMS Analyzer now includes all of the features of the Cocoa version except multimedia handling. This release adds graphviz integration, the full spectrum of reports and macro creation and much more.

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2004-07-12

TAMS Analyzer for GNUstep released

TAMS Analyzer a qualitative data analysis program (analysis of textual, cultural, media data) has initially been ported to GNUstep from Macintosh OS X.

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2004-06-28

TAMS Analyzer 2.49 released

TAMS Analyzer 2.49, the open source qualitative analysis system for OS X, features improved regular expression functionality and many bug fixes.

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2004-05-30

TAMS Analyzer 2.48 released

This version of TAMS Analyzer, a qualitative research coding and analysis program, has increased support for beginning and advanced researchers, improved interface, improved control over searches.

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2004-05-11

TAMS Analyzer 2.46 released

This new version features bug fixes, improved reporting, and snazzy 3-Dish icons.

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2004-04-24

TAMS Analyzer 2.44b6 released

TA, the open source qualitative analysis package for OSX, has since the last news announcement added multimedia support, color support, and many interface improvements.

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2004-03-12

TAMS Analyzer 2.38b1 released

Major speed increases, panther stability, bug fixes regarding code coloring, + if you haven't downloaded TA from my website, many more interface and stability improvements.

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2003-12-05

TAMS Analyzer 2.31

Many improvements and bug fixes: macro facility added to results, improved interaction and flexibility added for coding/recoding operations.

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2003-09-08

TAMS Analyzer 2.20

Improved results window layout, "escape" character, improved undo, bug fixes

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2003-08-08

TAMS Analyzer 2.18a3

TA 2.18a3 offers increased stability; important bug fixes for export to text/xml; and the ability to use results to strip codes from source files

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2003-08-01

TAMS Analyzer 2.15a7 Release

This release contains some long sought after features including colored tags (while codin) and toggling whether tags are visible in results.

Posted by Matthew Weinstein 2003-06-12

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