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Posted by Tall Street 2008-11-14

What is Tall Street trying to achieve?

- We think search engines that rank websites based on the link
structure of the web are too biased against larger and established
sites, its difficult for new sites to obtain links, and therefore get
decent search placement.
- We want to build a fair ranking system where everyone gets an input
into the rankings. If you think a site doesn't belong, you can mark it
as spam. If you find a site that is better then what is showing as the
best then you can sign up and invest in it. If you're right and other
people agree, then you'll make more (fictional) money and have more
influence over the directory. Tall Street contains no hidden
- We think current search rankings ware too static, while the web
isn't. (this is a function of using the link structure which isn't as
dynamic). We want a search engine where rankings can change and update
instantly to "news" (e.g. a new and better site under a keyword can
make it to the top straight away, and not have to spend months
collecting links)
- We want a search where users can find sites by type and easily find
similar sites - Sites are under keywords because people thought that
the site belonged under the keywords. With search engines you get lots
of results many aren't relevant. They just appear because they contain
the term you are searching for on the page. We have a feature where
you can drill down to find pages under keyword1 and keyword2, which
lets you easily find similar sites e.g.
http://www.tallstreet.com/view/PHP/tutorial/. All sites are searched
by the tags they are assigned.
- We think a social approach can greatly improve the quality and
relevancy of subjective type queries, for example if you were to
search "Tech News" we think our results are better.
- We think long tail type queries can be improved by our approach.
e.g. http://www.tallstreet.com/view/fastener_manufacturer/screws_stainless/

Posted by Tall Street 2007-06-01

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