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MIPS port in progress

A port is running on the developper SGI O2 using the unstable branch.

Posted by Kaj-Michael Lang 2004-07-08

Homesite offline

Homesite is still off-line, if all goes well it will be back this later this week. Local phony is sloooooow at getting my DSL line.

Posted by Kaj-Michael Lang 2004-05-24

cvs branched, 0.2.0-stable

Go to the homepage for more information.

Posted by Kaj-Michael Lang 2003-11-12

0.2.0-beta4 i386 released

Yep, enjoy! Also PPC and Alpha 0.2.0-beta4 was released, download links can be found on the homepage for now.

Posted by Kaj-Michael Lang 2003-06-09

0.2.0beta3 i386 iso now on sourceforge!

Enjoy the faster download.

Posted by Kaj-Michael Lang 2003-02-16

0.2.0beta3 i386 released

After some delay, I can now finaly release the 0.2.0 beta 3 for i386 ! There have been major updates to
many packages and the collection has grown to include over 360 packages. Major updates include:
- Linux kernel 2.4.20
- XFree86 4.2.1
- perl, binutils, glibc, devfsd...

You can find download links to the ISO file under the download box on the left.
Floppy boot has not been tested at this time, but boot and root floppy images can be found in /pub/0.2.0-beta3/i386/image/ directory on the download site(s). They should work and you can make a network installation (ftp or http) using them. ... read more

Posted by Kaj-Michael Lang 2003-02-15

PARISC/HPPA tftp boot lifimage released

A tftp bootable lifimage for PARISC systems have been released. You should be able to install a "current" version of TA-Linux on your PARISC box using this image.

Posted by Kaj-Michael Lang 2002-08-13

Work on documentation started

Work on documentation has started and can now be viewed at: http://talinux.tal.org/documentation/howto/

Posted by Kaj-Michael Lang 2002-07-03

Sparc tftp boot test image available

A tftp sparc boot image is now available for testing. It has been tested on my SparcServer 10 and worked fine. Things that you need to know if you are going to test:
- Use normal install mode, expert is not ready
- It will probably only work on non-sun4u machines (Ultra kernel package is not ready)
- URL for http install: http://hotel.tal.org/pub/current/sparc/
- Use ext2 for filesystem for now
- After the installation, edit /instroot/etc/silo.conf and run silo -f -r /instroot ... read more

Posted by Kaj-Michael Lang 2002-06-07

TA-Linux 0.2.0-test i386 boot/root floppies

Boot and root floppy images for testing 0.2.0-test (current) is now available for download.

Posted by Kaj-Michael Lang 2002-06-07

TA-Linux 0.2.0 supported architectures

TA-Linux 0.2.0 will support the following:
- i386/x86
- DEC/Compaq Alpha
- Sparc32
- Sparc64 with Sparc32 userland
- And at a later date parisc/hppa

The ports will be tested on the following hardware:
- SMP Celeron, SMP Pentium-2, Mobile Celeron laptop, 486 laptop
- Sparcstation 1+, Sparcserver 10, Ultra AX
- Alpha LX164 and BE64
- Old-world PPC Mac (7600, 7300) and Nubus-PPC Mac (7100)... read more

Posted by Kaj-Michael Lang 2002-03-29

0.2.0 Beta for i386

A beta of TA-Linux 0.2.0 for i386 will be released soon.

Posted by Kaj-Michael Lang 2002-03-29

Planned new features for 0.2.0

Major new features: glibc 2.2.X , gcc 2.95.3, XFree86 4.1.0 and ext3 support.

Posted by Kaj-Michael Lang 2001-10-15

Build system rewrite

There is a major rewrite going on for the next release. 0.1.X was based on a "everything in CVS" model, and it started to get too big for one person to handle and also a bit messy so a rewrite was in order.
The new version uses CVS for the buildsystem and uses the same build process as the TA-Linux collection system. More information will be available on the TA-Linux homepage.

Posted by Kaj-Michael Lang 2001-10-15

ppc, sparc and parisc will be added for next release

Support for the sparc, ppc and parisc archutectures will be added in the next major TA-Linux release.

Posted by Kaj-Michael Lang 2001-10-15

0.1.2 was released some time ago

0.1.2 was relased before summer and is available on the TA-Linux homepage.

Posted by Kaj-Michael Lang 2001-10-15

TA-Linux for Alpha released

Finaly, after some troubles, a version for Compaq Alpha has been relased ! You can find more information at http://www.tal.org/linux/talinux/

Posted by Kaj-Michael Lang 2001-02-12

i386 version available

And has been available for about 20 days ! Goto the project homepage for more information.

Posted by Kaj-Michael Lang 2001-02-11

SourceForce project page started

I've added TA-Linux to sourceforge, hopefully someone will notice it.

Posted by Kaj-Michael Lang 2001-02-09

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