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Importing Videos works

While turning away from opencv and implementing a ffmpeg only solution, I took some code from opencv which helped me a lot. thanks so far.

Posted by claus 2010-04-11

Currently having some problems under Windows

Currently I spotted some problems in the windows version, due to some problems with he runtime libraries, the window version may crash.

Posted by claus 2010-04-11

Windows & OpenCV

Having currently slight problems to get opencv run on windows. Because FFMpeg is licensed under the GPL I would prefer a rather liberal licensed software such as OpenCV (BSD-License). Unfortunately OpenCV refuses to load movies under Windows...
Another issue is, that OpenCV in Version 2.0 doesn't ship Visual Studio Project Files any more which makes building under Windows slightly complicated. The only older Version of OpenCV is about a year old....

Posted by claus 2010-03-31

Windows Installer Released

Currently the opencv encode doesn't work, so please don't use it.
Installer has also an unistaller aboard and can easily be uninstalled.

Posted by claus 2010-03-28


Although I thought rendering an avi or something else would take me about a week, I was wrong - just took me two days....
Currently Taklamaran renders mpeg2 Videos

Posted by claus 2010-03-24

Working on a .deb-paket

Hi !
Taklamaran has reached a state, where I can say, you can test it.
So I am working on deploying taklamaran via a Debian paket

Posted by claus 2010-03-18