TagsView 0.2 beta has been released

  • DV

    DV - 2010-05-17

    Less buggy, more close to what I want it to be, but still far from the end. The story continues…

    TagsView 0.2 beta

    * revised & supplemented edition
    - did not work with paths contained spaces (oops)
    + some re-design & improvements in internal classes (what a smart-ass)
    + navigation & close buttons (let's rock)
    + still no options dialog (fantastic!)

  • Anonymous - 2010-12-20

    Hi. First of all, thanks for the nice plugin. I am actually writing to provide some comments and suggestions. I understand that the plugin is still in beta stage and it's very possible that you have noticed some of these issues yourself, but here it goes:

    1. Tagsview panel is not restored on Notepad++ start, even if it the panel was opened before.
    2. It would be nice to have a toolbar icon to open TagsView, like other plugins have (it's easier to press a toolbar button as opposed to going through the Plugins menu).
    3. Once there's a button, you could use the same icon for the panel tab (right now, when the TagsView tab is inactive, it gets reduced to a smaller empty tab - from what I understand there should be an icon there).
    4. I personally would prefer that whenever TagsView is first opened, the Functions subtree is expanded and all other trees are collapsed, because the function list is the most important for me. I would also like that whenever a new tree is expanded, all other ones are automatically collapsed. This is a personal preference (other people might not like it), but maybe you could have an option similar to IE's "Close unused folders in History and Favorites".
    5. Right now, whenever you double-click on an item from TagsView panel to locate it in the source code, it never appears in the same place on the screen - sometimes it's on top, sometimes in the middle, sometimes on the bottom. It would be nice if it always appeared in the same fixed place, like top or middle. (The exception would of course be the case where it's at the end of the file, because you cannot scroll past EOF.)
    6. Another issue related to double-clicking on an item from TagsView panel: TagsView panel keeps the focus. You'd want to be able to just move the mouse over to the code and be able to scroll using a scroll wheel. At the moment, you have to actually click on the code to bring focus to it.

    Thanks for reading :-)

  • Anonymous - 2010-12-20

    Another question: at the moment, TagsView uses ctags.exe from Plugins\TagsView folder. Is it possible to use ctags.exe from Plugins folder? I'm using OpenCTags plugin and it uses ctags.exe placed in Plugins folder… This way all the plugins that utilize ctags.exe could use it from a centralized location, instead of placing a copy into their own subfolders. This would avoid replication and would make updating ctags.exe easier (whenever a new version of it comes out).

  • DV

    DV - 2010-12-22

    TagsView 0.3 beta is about to be released, and some of the things you mentioned are already implemented. 
    Regarding other things… As I did not implement Options Dialog yet (and I don't even have such intention), there is no ability to have user-defined behaviour in some cases. Also, path to "ctags.exe" can be changed via CTagsDlg::SetCTagsPath, but there is no user interface for it.

  • Anonymous - 2010-12-24

    Thanks for your reply and for the new build. It indeed fixes quite a few issues. Although #1 from my list still remains :-) Also, can you please elaborate on CTagsDlg::SetCTagsPath? Is it something I can set without recompiling the source code? I suspect not…

  • DV

    DV - 2010-12-25

    Regarding "Tagsview panel is not restored on Notepad++ start" - I simply don't know how to achieve this and also too lazy to investigate it in other plugins' sources…
    Regarding "CTagsDlg::SetCTagsPath" - seems we need a new version of TagsView to have such option at least inside "Plugins\Config\TagsView.ini". In such case we'll be able to change this option manually inside "TagsView.ini". But there is no such ability currently. Also don't forget about the file "Plugins\TagsView\ctags.opt" which is the addtional input options file for ctags. So we seem to have to specify a path to this file also.


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