TagsView 0.3 beta has been released

  • DV

    DV - 2010-12-22

    TagsView ver. 0.3 beta

    + now fully supports input files in UCS-2 with BOM and UTF-8 with BOM
    - different fixes & updates
    * a lot of internal improvements
    * improvements in caret navigation
    * TagsDlg: printed character goes directly to TagFilter
    * TagsDlg: Esc clears the filter
    * TagsDlg: Enter in Tree/List is the same as double-click
    * TagFilter: Ctrl+BS erases the text from right to left
    * TagFilter: Ctrl+Del erases the text from left to right
    * win32++ updated to 7.0.2
    * icon added (created by se7h)

  • Nutznieser

    Nutznieser - 2011-02-14


    TagsView is a quick, really practical and easy to use plugin. Thank you!

    Here some suggestions/bug reports from me:
    - Bug: Files in Mac-Format (line endings => \r) don't become analyzed.
    - Idea: Possibility to switch off the tracking of the caret as option
    - Idea: Automatic expanding of all subobjects in tree view as option

    I hope that would be realizable.

  • Nutznieser

    Nutznieser - 2011-02-14

    I want still add a further idea to my previous list:
    - Idea: Auto refresh tag list, if file was changed and saved.


  • DV

    DV - 2011-02-16

    Thanks, it will be considered in next version. Though the next version will not be released soon.


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